April 17, 2020

It’s certainly been all change this season. Are you working from home?

Using computers and digital devices at home is something most of us do have plenty of experience with. But working from home -WFH daily?That’s a different matter. It’s really important that you are a...

March 17, 2020

Here we bring together a few key links with regards carrying out a Risk Assessment; the current focus on Coronavirus and some other H&S considerations when working from home.

November 5, 2019

This time of year can be a real challenge. Short days. Low light. Cold starts. Who knows where the days go.

But also... when stopping for a few moments, feeling the sun warming closed eyelids...basking in that deep orange glow...noticing the variety of calls from b...

May 9, 2019

A hot bath at the end of the day. The warm running water of a morning shower, waking up your senses. Both bring relaxation, stimulation and sometimes that unique quality of thought ~ An idea comes to mind, grows and blossoms into an exciting concept, (the bare bones wr...

December 5, 2017

As soon as you reach points in the working day where you feel productivity is compromised ~Turn them into opportunities to move, take a screen break and improve wellbeing & productivity

September 27, 2017

Remember when waking up in the morning seemed to happen moments after closing your eyes at night? Hearing birdsong... then clinks of bowls and plates downstairs...aware of a profound sense of happiness and deeply relaxed contentment. (Back when words like 'well-being'...

July 29, 2017

What's the first thing you do in the morning when you step outside your front door and head to work? (...just after that keys/phone moment!) You most likely move physically and in a specific direction. Your intention of getting to work requires orientation, exertion an...

June 27, 2017

When we were babies and toddlers, almost every movement we made formed part of our rudimentary learning curve. Discovering our physical selves in relationship with the world around us was an endlessly tactile experience informing much of our essential development.


June 20, 2017

Take a few moments to consider yourself on a wonderful holiday, strolling along a sunny beach, barefoot over warm sands. Jumping into waves, sea fizzing around you, a smile on your face as you enjoy the natural state of wellbeing...

Recalling memories like these remind...

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